Saumya Tandon’s ‘Radio Ghaint’ presents idiosyncratic women-centric from small towns

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Mumbai, Jan 7 (IANS) Actress Saumya Tandon-starrer ‘Radio Ghaint’ is an anthology of quirky stories from small-town India by director Indrajit Nattoji.

‘Radio Ghaint’ has a story by Indrajit Nattoji with a screenplay and dialogues by Pawan Sony.

Talking about the project, Nattoji shared: “Radio Ghaint’ is a dramedy set in a fictitious Punjab small-town named LUVdhiana, where a struggling radio station faces closure until the optimistic owner gambles on a live radio drama, setting the stage for chaotic, genre-blending excitement.”

“The versatile Saumya Tandon plays a Bollywood diva in the film. It is an ensemble cast featuring actors from theatre, TV and films.”

He added: “‘Radio Ghaint’ with a ‘K’, meaning “cool” and “awesome” in Punjabi, kicks off an anthology of featurettes showcasing idiosyncratic and women-centric tales from small-town India. Featurettes are a new disruptive film format, shorter than a feature film and longer than a short film.”

The film also stars an ensemble cast of Pramarth Pandit, Leena Sharma, Rajendra Bhatia, Dharmendra Thakur, Sarthak Bhatia, Trilok Ji, Rajendra Samata, Gaurav Sikri, Nischay Rana and Krina Pathak.



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