Shilpa says Sanjay Kapoor asked to re-shoot ‘Auzaar’, ‘Zameer’ after watching her as Tara Shetty

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New Delhi, Jan 25 (IANS) Actress Shilpa Shetty gave a power-filled perfect performance of a head-strong officer Tara Shetty in Rohit Shetty’s ‘Indian Police Force’, after which she got a message from her former co-star Sanjay Kapoor to re-shoot the 1997 films ‘Auzaar’ and ‘Zameer’.

The actress, who made her digital series debut with ‘Indian Police Force’ is filled with gratitude for all the love coming her way from fans and her co-stars.

“I feel so filled with gratitude for people messaging me… My actor friends. Madhavan.. Sanjay Kapoor just messaged me, he said you are fantastic, we should re-shoot ‘Auzaar’ and ‘Zameer’. I said ‘no’…” Shilpa told IANS with a laugh.

“But when you get compliments from co-actors it makes me feel very humbled, especially women.. Women have seen the role as another leap and they feel I have represented them and they have a feeling of pride which is amazing…”

Shilpa added: “To evoke that feeling I have the opportunity to play two really strong and empowering women with Sukhi and Tara so I feel so grateful that it has been such a fantastic year.”

The 48-year-old actress played a head-strong and fierce Tara Shetty, Gujarat ATS Chief, who does everything in her bit to save the nation from a terrorist attack along with the help of Sidharth Malhotra as DCP Kabir Malik and Vivek Oberoi as Joint CP Vikram Bakshi.

Asked if she is as head-strong and fierce as her character, Shilpa said: “Of course, apart from that also we are really brave as people and we share the same surname. I think that’s a great quality to have to be brave to be able to fight your own battles and not give up.”

Even if this was a first for Shilpa, she did it with utmost honesty.

“It is different for the director because he has to know the pace of the narrative. As an actor I never get into the technicality. For me it’s about my craft. So I will still approach a scene like I would approach it for a movie and with utmost honesty,” said the actress, who made her debut with ‘Baazigar’ in 1993.

“I think honesty is the answer, that does not change as an actor, I have to deliver a performance with honesty so whether OTT, radio, TV or the big screen my craft will not change,” added the actress.

With Rohit, Sidharth and Vivek, the party started when the work got over.

“We partied after it (work) was over. I think everyone has noticed our camaraderie in our interviews but when we went on sets we only went with the idea of delivering as actors. Rohit was different, he donned the cap of the captain of the ship. We had that respect for him. We were guided by him,” said the Mangalore-born star.

They would do their job and leave.

“We wouldn’t discuss anything other than the scene and we would do our job and leave. It was after the entire thing was over… When we sat, we started talking. Vivek, Sidharth and I would always have that camaraderie but Rohit joined the party after his work was over,” she said.



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