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Submission of performance Appraisal Report of TEIs for the academic session 2020-21

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High Court of Delhi in W.P. No. 11304/2019 pronounced the Judgment on 27.5.2021 upholding the decision of NCTE requiring the Teacher Educational Institutions (TEIs) to file Performance Appraisal Report (PAR). Based on the above judgment, PAR is now required to be mandatorily submitted by all TEIs online on the NCTE portal for the academic session 2020—2021, leading to better monitoring, transparency and improvement in the quality and service delivery in teacher education sector. Timelines to submit online PAR shall be from 30.09.2021 to 29.01.2022 (mid- night).

The National Council for Teacher Education is a statutory body that came into existence in pursuance of the National Council for Teacher Education Act. 1993 (No. 73 of 1993) on the 17th August, 1995 to achieve planned and coordinated development of the teacher education system throughout the country, the regulation and proper maintenance of Norms and Standards in the teacher education system and for matters connected therewith.

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