Ten News Exclusive: 8-year-old polishing shoes in the Heart of Delhi, Need more places to worship?

Shaihzad Abid / Talib Khan


New Delhi: An 8-year-old asking people to polish thier shoes in Connaught Place — the heart of the national capital — with a wooden case in one hand will make the nation to stand in shame.

“Bhaiiya please joote polish karalo”

Ahead of 2019 Elections, the political fraternity has tighten their belts, digging the new issues that can easily divert the mind of nation from materialistic issues like development, education, employment and poverty.

The political organizations is busy in slamming thier rivals while the nation is easily digesting the election agendas feeded by their leaders.

The BJP led NDA government came up with various initiatives to uplift the poor, petrol pumps are equipped with Prime Minister large advertisements in hoardings substantiating the government’s moves.

The innocent little boy is invisible to the authorities and he himself understand that he will have to manage his life on its own.

His hands and nails were dirty as he has to perform his day long job, when Ten News asked the boy about some prominent leaders like PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi, he was unaware of both.

What he knows that he has to earn and earn to keep his life moving.

The little kid who hails from Rajasthan is living with his 17-year-old brother who is also a daily wager.

Every single morning he wake up for food, took a metro from Dwarka to reach Rajiv Chowk, instead of pencils he has shoe brush in his hands, instead of having painting colours on his hands his hands are dirty with black shoes polish.

Their are millions of kids who are forced to do these jobs just because of thier circumstances.


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