The decision to terminate the Greater Noida Metro at a place that just saves 2 kms of an extra work is upsetting.

At the outset let me thank Authorities.. for materializing the long awaited project from greater noida. The news was very heartening but the details as reported in the news paper dampened the zeal.


The decision to terminate the metro at a place that just saves 2 kms of an extra work is upsetting. Such a plan defeats the purpose of laying metro lines from greater noida. The lines being laid must be well around 30 kms and why this gesture of saving 2 kms and putting all the commuters to inconvenience. It would be very very inconvenient for the daily commuters to first board from a place which is already at a distance to be covered by autorickshaw(however I do not debate over the starting points) but then getting down at a place , take a rickshaw again and then board the Noida line.


I know the DMRC must jhave reached this decision after endliess R&D and innumerable meetings  And I also know that this mail of mine may not even be considered seriously , but I felt I should voice my opinion and convey the same to you.


We would have been happy if the line from greater noida touched any of the stations so that commuters were saved the hassle of one more mode of transport in between.

This matter has been taken up with DMRC and Secretary Urban Development Govt of India.

Vanita Srinivas

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