‘The Most Expensive Dinner, I Made was $39,000 For A Person’: Michelin Star Holder Chef Vikas Khanna

Mumbai, 27 February 2023: Chef Vikas Khanna shared the journey of his life, while discussing on the topic of “Master of Spices – Cooking up a storm,” at second edition of ‘Ideas of India’ Summit. He mentioned about growing up in a not-so-affluent family in Amritsar and discovering his passion for cooking and decided to pursue it as a career.

Speaking at the session, he said, “Amritsar, or ‘Ambarsar,’ as we call it. I did not come from a wealthy household. We were all the same. That was the state of the economy in the 1970s. I began cooking at a young age. I was an expert at tandoor. I put it very well and another thing that got me into food and a better understanding of food is Golden Temple, it made me understand on a much different scale and magnitude. People from all walks of come and sit together,” he added.

While talking about his journey, Vikas discussed his accomplishments over the years. He said, “From Rs 10 to A Michelin Star, I prepared dinner the most expensive meal, 39,000 dollars for a person. When you work internationally, you are judged by your origin, colour, and background. We were advised not to ask questions, and that we would be working under the white chef, but I questioned why. Why can’t I take the initiative? But look how the transition has transpired.”

Talking about his experience on serving Prime Minister of India, he said, “When he was travelling to the UN General Assembly, I said, I want to do a dine-in food. The Prime Minister was throwing a dinner at the Waldorf Astoria in New York for some of the world’s most powerful CEOs and I was in command. The whole event proceeded smoothly and PM seemed really happy.”

Against the backdrop of global change and evolving dynamics, the summit has convened a diverse group of stakeholders including policymakers, cultural leaders, industry experts, celebrities, and business executives to deliberate on India’s critical role. With its extensive reach of 535 million viewers in India, ABP Network serves as a major platform for accomplished professionals across multiple fields to share their perspectives.

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