This International Women’s Day, Indian Women Leaders came together to talk about Body Positivity

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Women Inspiring Network, in collaboration with Tressmart Marketing Pvt. Ltd.  held an exceptional panel discussion on body positivity, self-love, and women empowerment in India, with a few India’s female changemakers and trailblazers such as Sargam Dhawan Bhayana– leading Businesswoman, Director & Founder: Tressmart Marketing Pvt. Ltd.; Neha Kalia– Digital Creator, Influencer & body positivity Coach; Dr. Shamoly Khera – Entrepreneur, Author, Founder: Speak to Inspire, One Take Media Co.; Sonalika Sahay- Fashion Model and Entrepreneur, Founder: Vianoirindia, Miafashionpopup, Ginnie Mahajan- Radio Jockey, Sonia Jhas- Mindset and Wellness Expert. The event was moderated by Stuti Jalan – founder of Women Inspiring Network on March 2nd, 2022, on Facebook. The live session witnessed a reach of 5.9k and got 2.6k views.

The discussion was essentially an effort to celebrate women and their spirits- irrespective of their size, shape, sexuality and disability. The session also shed light on matters, such as tips and scope for body positivity, as to how the concept evolved over the years and the connection between Body Positivity and Mental as well as Physical wellbeing. Each panelist brought forth a unique perspective to the table.

Talking about Body positivity, Sargam Dhawan Bhayana believes that acceptance of body positivity takes one long way in different walks of life, one needs to learn to be kind to oneself and others too. “Loving yourself and being fit are two different things. Every single day we need to accept the way you are.” says Sargam. According to her, one should be thoughtful before body shaming and avoid saying anything that one would not like being said.

Sonalika Sahay, a fashion model and entrepreneur, shared her insights as to how the fashion industry is trying to break the stereotype of body positivity. Being a fitness enthusiast, she says, “Fitness is not about being a particular shape and size. It is more important to live life the way we want and to be comfortable in your skin.”

Neha Kalia, Body Positivity Coach believes body positivity is about accepting everybody just the way they are. She says, “By just talking about body positivity is not enough, we need to practice it daily, every moment. The concept of body positivity is flawed in its way, we need to believe in being yourself and confident. The more you work on the definition of body positivity, the more acceptance comes in.”

Sharing her views, RJ Ginnie says, “We have become so used to judging ourselves and it is pathetic. I think it is one step at a time, and the whole thing of accepting yourself is tough, but not impossible. We like to look good but we need to just accept ourselves and possibly be happy with ourselves. Because a happy face glows in a different way.” She believes that Body positivity is not about being thin or fat. It is about being okay with yourself and confident. Being fit has nothing to do with body positivity. It is about being okay with who you are.

Dr. Shamoly Khera has confidence in the concept of body neutrality. According to her, one needs to develop a neutral attitude towards his body which helps him live the life, through different phases. She says, “We should be proud of our bodies, just the way it is, instead of disrespecting ourselves and our bodies especially on the basis of another person / third person’s saying. Body positivity can be made more visible and comfortable when the society mellows down its body conditioning for men and women both. All skin colors are beautiful, all body types are unique, just the way they are.”

Sonia Jhas, through our Instagram page, inspires people to approach the journey of self-betterment from a place of self-love instead of self-hate.  Talking about the tips for warding off negative self-talk, she says, “Journal writing helps offload the fear-based thoughts and negative self-talk. Practicing gratitude is another way to stay positive. Also, affirmations and self-help audiobooks can help override a lot of the negative narrative we all deal in.”

Stuti Jalan, founder of Women Inspiring Network, states that “The vision of our society has been blurred for years. The Perception had been influenced by myths surrounding the beauty industry. It’s high time we create positive self-image which shatters the negative picture to one’s body. I believe we all are beautiful, just the way we are.”

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