Today Railway ministry planned to increase platform ticket from Rs. 5 to Rs. 10.

Today Railway ministry planned to increase platform ticket from Rs. 5 to Rs. 10. But the question is for what? Indirectly I can say that they are increasing traveling fares as well. Here are few stats I am sharing below and will appreciate your view on this later.
 In 2014–2015 Indian Railways had revenues of 1634.50 billion(US$26 billion) which consists of 1069.27 billion (US$17 billion) from freight and 402.80 billion (US$6.3 billion) from passengers tickets. Indian Railways is one of the world’s largest railway networks comprising 115,000 km of railway track over a route of 65,436 km and more than 8,000 stations. In 2014-15, Indian Railway carried over 8 billion passengers or more than 23 million passengers a day (roughly half of whom were suburban passengers). If we take a conservative figure of 10 million passengers a day (this excludes the local passengers), all across the nation and consider 1 visitor with each of them to see them off. Indian Railway is getting 100 million rupees a day and that will make more than 36 Billion Rupees a year they are going to generate a year from the people who are not even travelling from the trains. So technically Ministry is indirectly adding these 36 Billion in our fares.
 I am sure most of us won’t even think much about this increase but think about the poor who hardly get to buy his ticket. Most of us are there just to escort our near and dears but are we getting the justified services at stations what we are supposed to get out of those Rs. 10? There is shit in front of platforms, garbage is spread out all the platforms, every part of the railway station is stinking, pan masala/gutka/paan are painting all the walls (you can take any railway station).
 Mr. Minister this common man is not going to oppose this increase, but will expect the hygeine and clean platform from you. Your staff should be their to help a person who is rushing to find his/her train which is about to deboard.


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