Twitter takes down Rajinikanth’s video for spreading misinformation regarding Coronavirus

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22nd March: The famous Tamil actor Rajinikanth is getting a lot of heat on twitter for spreading misinformation regarding Coronavirus and Janta Curfew via a video message.

Yesterday, the actor cum politician posted a video in which he said that the spread of COVID-19 can be prevented if people don’t step out for 14 hours.

Twitter took down the video after several people had reported it for spreading misinformation, explaining that the video violated its rules.

Though some hardcroe fans raged against twitter for removing the video of their favourite actor.

“Right now, India is in the second stage of battling the coronavirus and we can’t let it go to the third level. If we can prevent the spread of the COVID-19 in public spaces for 12-14 hours, that is enough to stop it from progressing to the third stage,” the actor had said.

This misinformation was verified by Fake News spotter ‘Alt News’ in an article.

In the course of this article, the authors demonstrated that a 14-hour self-imposed curfew will not break the cycle of infection as the coronavirus persists 2-3 days later on surfaces.

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