Union Minister Nitin Gadkari Dismisses Retirement Rumors, Calls for Responsible Reporting

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New Delhi (India), March 31, 2023: Union Minister Nitin Gadkari dismissed media reports speculating about his retirement from politics and called for responsible reporting on the matter.

The Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways made this statement while interacting with the media on the progress of the Mumbai-Goa National Highway in Ratnagiri. Days earlier, Gadkari hinted at his political unhappiness, leading to rumors of his retirement.

However, he clarified that he has no intentions of retiring from politics and urged the media to uphold responsible journalism in their reporting.

In a recent award ceremony in Nagpur, the Minister said that he had done a lot of work in his career and that it would be alright if people did not vote for him as he wanted to spend more time on works related to soil conservation, climate change, and wasteland.

He added that there is a lot of scope for experiments in these areas, and he wants to work on them forcefully. His statement was seen as an indication that he is unhappy with the recent strain in ties with the BJP top brass, which dropped him from the party’s top decision-making body last year.

However, a close aide of Gadkari warned not to draw incorrect inferences from his statement. He clarified that Gadkari meant that his life’s mission was to work for the cause of farmers, and it would not be affected even if he failed to get elected again. Therefore, Gadkari’s statement does not imply his retirement from politics, and he is committed to his work and his party.

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari clarified that he has no intentions of retiring from politics, and reports suggesting his retirement are baseless. While there were rumors of political unhappiness, his close aide clarified that his life’s mission is to work for the cause of farmers.

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