Upgrading regular rail bogies to Vande Bharat standards a dynamic move: Jupiter Wagon Ltd

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Kolkata, Feb 1 (IANS) Hailing Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s announcement of plans to upgrade 40,000 regular bogies to Vande Bharat standards, mobility solutions provider Jupiter Wagons Limited managing director Vivek Lohia, said it is a dynamic move in the right direction.

Describing the announcement as a significant milestone in India’s railway modernisation journey, Lohia said that this initiative reflects a dedicated effort to elevate passenger safety, comfort, and operational efficiency to global standards.

“As the nation progresses towards modernising its railway infrastructure, this move underscores a commitment to excellence and sets a benchmark for future development. It is a testament to the ongoing efforts to enhance the quality and reliability of our railway services, ultimately benefiting millions of passengers across the country,” Lohia added.

Lohia said that the proposal seems to have a transformative vision for the rail sector, emphasising strategic initiatives such as the port connectivity corridor, energy, mineral and cement corridor and more specially the high traffic density corridor.

According to him, these corridors will signify a pivotal step towards enhancing connectivity, driving economic growth, and ensuring passenger safety.

“With a focus on outcomes over outlays, the government underscores its commitment to timely delivery and cost-effective logistics solutions. Also, these are core infrastructures and every penny invested in core infrastructure has a rebound effect on the economy. The announcement reflects a bold stride towards holistic transformation and underscores the government’s dedication to modernizing India’s railway infrastructure,” he added.



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