Virat Kohli launches his own brand “One8” in Collaboration With PUMA

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Lokesh Goswami / Prerit Chauhan Ten News New Delhi :

Virat Kohli on Thursday launched his brand “One8” of clothing and passed on a message to ‘Come Out And Play’. The movement aims to highlight the simple joys of playing and how it can be seamlessly integrated into everyday life – whether at work or at home.

“One should spend only limited time on social media rather being on it for a major part of the day, like what is happening nowadays. I too used to spend a lot of time on social media but now I have realised it is a waste of time,” said virat kohli.

“You can use your time in doing something much more productive,” said Kohli. The launch took place at a popular shopping mall where Kohli, sporting his own label, played a round of basketball and football with a selected bunch of boys and girls.

“Sport holds a very important place in my life. It has helped me become who I am today. The fact that we generally view sports as a hindrance to success or as a distraction as we grow older, needs to change. I urge everyone to make time to pursue a more physically active lifestyle by making time to play. It’s fun, relieves stress and helps us stay healthy,” said Virat Kohli. “The One8 range is very close to my heart. It is my way of calling out to Indians to Come Out and Play because feeling fit and looking active is a simple step 1 towards leading a more active lifestyle, ” He Further Added

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