‘We work like left brain and right brain’: Madhuri on working with husband Ram

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Mumbai, Jan 6 (IANS) Actress Madhuri Dixit, whose recent Marathi production ‘Panchak’, has shared the modus operandi of the creative process and operations between her and her husband, Shriram Nene.

She told IANS: “My job is of the creative head. I look for scripts, and the casting, and everything is done and Ram looks after the finances of the film, how the workflow is going to happen, and how the budgets are going to get done. So in a film, we are like the left brain and the right brain. We have divided our jobs accordingly. It’s a great partnership.”

Talking about ‘Panchak’, which has been shot in picturesque Konkan, coastal Maharashtra, Madhuri said that it is a situational comedy which looks at what happens to a family when an elder passes away under a Panchak, five constellations poised at the wrong time and place to bring seemingly bad luck and worse, the demise of 5 family members in the next year.

The film examines what length people will go, to undo such things and how superstition and fear become the comic canvas in which their lives operate.

The film has been produced by superstar Madhuri Dixit and Shriram Nene as their second film in RnM Moving Pictures, in collaboration with PVR.



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