Why Aviator is easier to win than other gambling games

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The mechanics of Aviator are different from other gambling games. Professional gamblers say that to win and earn money in this emulator is much easier than in video slots.

The three main features of Aviator

The first version of Aviator appeared back in 2019. In 2020, Spribe updated its product. Just at this time, the success story of this emulator begins.

Game mechanics came to the taste of gamblers. It is explained by frequent winnings. And the payment players do not get randomly and not by the mood of fortune, and at the expense of their strategy. Aviator is a game of chance, in which the factor of luck is negated.

Famous gambling expert Imran Kumar writes: “You can also use the strategy of increasing the number of stake logics. But it is very risky because the aviator game player has to increase the bet a little after each move one way or another. As a result, all the earnings can be lost by making just one wrong bet. Therefore, such tips and strategies are best to act with maximum caution and raise rates gradually. If the user takes a chance and makes a sharp bet by a 5x multiplier, it is possible to fail.”

Tactics are indeed crucial. It’s a real chance to beat your luck.

Sarah Thompson, Casino Industry Enthusiast highlights a few other features of the crash game:

  • Full information on the current round and past rounds. Winning tactics are based on analyzing statistics. The user will be able to watch how the virtual aeroplane behaves on short and long distances. It allows you to identify algorithms and practically hack the random number generator. Spribe does not block players, and neither do casino operators. Users who have been able to figure out the random number system are favored and can win on every third try.
  • In an aviator game online, the player doesn’t have to start the rounds himself. This is done by the program itself. The user does not press the start button. All the gambler can do is select the bet and determine when it will be closed. At the same time, it is possible to skip an unlimited number of rounds. Aviator does not force the user to take a risk every time.
  • There is a player chat room inside Aviator. Prof. Jonathan Miller, Behavioral Psychologist states that this is the first emulator that has evolved into a kind of social network inside an online casino. Users can freely communicate with each other, and share promo codes, tips and example tactics. A beginner will get a lot of useful information.

Winnings in Aviator are not tied to any symbols and volatility. The user can earn a large sum on small multipliers 2.0. Other visitors spend a lot of time analyzing statistical data. It helps to get to x150 and higher.

Win-win strategy for Aviator

The main feature of Aviator analysts is the ability to make double bets. It is not available in any other gambling game. The user can use these mechanics at his discretion. Most try to maximize profits by making 2 bets on maximum amounts. However, smart players use no-loss tactics.

Strategy without losing is quite realistic. And it will work both on short and long distances. Experienced players register bets for money in the following way:

  • The visitor makes two bets for the same amount. The size of the bet is not important. It depends on the financial capabilities of the player. You can bet 1000 each or bet 5000 at once.
  • The player takes the height of 2.0 as a basis. Going higher is not necessary at all. This is the starting point, which guarantees the user no financial disadvantage. One of the bets should be registered on auto-cashout at this position.
  • The player analyzes the rounds. Multiplier 2.0 appears every 3-4 rounds. Therefore, it is important to guess when the cornerman will get to this echelon.
  • The visitors closed the first bet of 5,000 on 2.0. It means that the no-loss strategy is realized. Even if the second bet is unsuccessful, the user will no longer lose and will not go into a loss.

What to do with the second bet, the gambler decides for himself. It is possible to close through auto-cashout this bet on a similar position. The visitor will receive a profit of x2. However, some go for a quite justified risk. The first bet protects the user from losing, and therefore from the second bet you can try to raise the bet to x50 or higher.

At first glance, Aviator seems to be a primitive and too simple game. In fact, the open stats and double bets turn this game into a unique mechanism in which getting a big payout can be done in many different ways.

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