Into the world of FPV Drone Racing Competition.

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SDIoT in collaboration with IDRL (Indian Drone Racing League) is going to launch their unique workshop totrain & build a community of FPV Drone Racers in North India. The very first of these workshops is going to be held atJRE Group of Institutions, KP-4, Greater Noida, 10th of Feb 2017.

FPV Drone Racing Modules:
 Drone Principles and Aerodynamics.
 Simulators Based Learning.
 Live Air Shows.
 Learn Basic requirements of building & flying a Drone.
 Build your 1st Drone & Take SKYSELFIE.
 Participate in IDRL(Indian Drone Racing League).

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  1. Alok Dwivedi says

    Nice Initiative after IITians, Well done Keep it high…. you young guys. Jai Hind

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