Youth Network Ghaziabad organized a ‘Chabeel’ in front of Ram Lila Ground, Ghaziabad

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Youth Network Ghaziabad organized a ‘Chabeel’ in front of Ram Lila Ground, Ghaziabad on 29th May, 2016. Youth Network Ghaziabad has been working on various environmental issues like cleanliness, plantation and saving water, but this weekend the group did social service by quenching the thirst of all the passersby. Such was the enthusiasm of the group members that they also went on roads to stop people on two- wheelers, rickshaws and even cars and offer them cold chabeel . The event began at 11 in the morning and went till 3 in the afternoon. The group members served approximate 3,000 liters of sweet rose flavored milk to approximate 5,000 people. With such a big event that went on for hours, there was no litter on the roads. Youth Network Ghaziabad’s President Mayank Chaudhary had paid special attention on proper disposal of glasses and trash.
They were even requesting people not to through the used glasses on roads and instead throw them in the dustbins installed by the team. The event was covered live and was streaming on Youth Network Ghaziabad’s facebook page.
Along with the team members, Mayor Ashu Verma, Brijpal Tevatia, Sikander Yadav, Sardar SP Singh, Sardar Jolly ji, Ajay Sharma, Vivek Tomar, Abhishek Garg, Himanshu Mittal, Mukesh Verma, Baldev Raj Sharma, Sunita Chaudhary, Deepa Sindhwani and Rajesh Sindhwani were also present and participated in this social service of distributing Chabeel.

From Youth Network Ghaziabad’s team, Madhav, Richa, Tanima, Sumit, Arjun, Raghu, Laalit, Raghav,Raghav Verma,Poorva, Shubham ,Arpit  and Radhika’s efforts were worth appreciation.

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