“I was given to adoption because my family would see a threat from JanSangh”: Priya Singh Paul



Priya Singh Paul, who has recently been in news for claiming that she is a biological daughter of Sanjay Gandhi, today held a press conference at Indian Press Club, New Delhi where she said that she was given away to adoption as her parents were insecure. “There was a threat that I might be abducted by Jan Sangh to meet their political demands,” she said.

Priya said that after death of her foster parents, she set out her journey to trace her family origins. “I didn’t know that I belong to Gandhi family,” she says. “Even if my parents would have been slum dwellers, I would not have made any lesser efforts.”

She said that she has already started legal proceedings for getting legal recognition for her being a daughter of Sanjay Gandhi.

Sushil Sharma (Goswani Sushil Ji Mahraj), who was a friend of Sanjay Gandhi and a former Congress leader was also present at the press conference. ” I shared a very cordial friendship with Sanjay Sharma,” he said. I can’t prove whether she is real daughter of Sanjay, but, I have seen it in her eyes and shadow, her resemblence with Sanjay is very vivid and I will support her in her quest.”

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