Our govt. should focus on building a safe & secure digital infrastructure : Anuj Aggarwal, Cyber Crime Expert



Mr Anuj Aggarwal, an eminent speaker who masters in solving cyber crimes at the earliest, was talking to Ten News, regarding various ethical and legal issues related to cyber crimes.

He provided a vast knowledge on the current happenings in Cyber world pertaining to cyber crimes.

TN: In January and February 2017, 39 government websites were hacked, which led the government to set up an expert group to combat cyber crime. What’s your reaction to that??

AA: This shows our government is so sluggish towards our digital infrastructure. Government needs to be more sensitive towards building digital infrastructure to make it more safe and secure for the citizens.

TN: The Home ministry has proposed the setting up of the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (I4C). Do you think it’s capable of dealing cyber crimes?
AA: There are many Cyber Crime Coordination Centers have been established in the country so far, however our authorities need to focus on tightening the digital systems of our country.

TN: Uttar Pradesh tops in Cyber crimes as per the data of NCRB, what are the main reasons as per your opinion?
AA: The vital reason is massive population of the state, there are much number youths in Uttar Pradesh, who are technically unsound and not as per the current demands of the employment sector.

TN: Indian Banking System, always become a victim of cyber crime. What’s a permanent solution to get rid of this?
AA: It’s true that Indian Banking Systems are always targeted, however there are many reasons for this cause. Vital reason is that, there is no specific digital system to deal with all banking solutions.

TN: Govt. of India is working for bilateral cooperation with around 15 countries for exchange of information on cyber crime. Do you think it’s a good step from authorities??
AA: It’s a very good initiative from Indian govt. It will definitely help in solving cyber crime issues with a lot more pace. It shows govt. is working towards building safe and secures digital systems.

TN: With our individuals lives vastly dependent on digital devices and vast digital myth. Is privacy actually a myth in modern Internet age?
AA: Actually, it’s not a myth, however it’s little uncertain and unpredictable. Privacy of any information on digital medium should be handled very carefully and its also depends on the way , how you handle it.

TN: Lately there has been lot of speculations about safety of Aadhar data? How safe do you think UIDAI system is and what kind of ill-effects does a hack in its system can have?
AA: Yes, definitely there have been many issues with Aadhar data safety systems, deeply I can’t tell you about the ill effects, however it’s a major concern and today on Doordarshan I talked about it and it cannot be explained in short time.

TN:Indian governments are known to censor internet on drop of hat what do you think about this issue?
AA: Indian governments are really known for censoring internet, however Indian citizens a right to access internet.

TN: Being a cyber crime expert, do you think social media is a safe platform???
AA: Social media is a safe platform, until or unless you don’t share your personal and private information including your location, pictures and videos.

There are many proud moments of mine: Anuj Aggarwal

I have various proud moments in my life, including my cyber crime works along with Uttar Pradesh and other associates.

It’s been a long journey to achieve these moments.

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