MOSQUITO MAGNET Enters the Indian Market and Homes



New Delhi, September 2017: AK Trademart a company promoted by Anirudh Khaitan, has tied up with Woodstream, USA for exclusive distributing and selling mosquito magnet appliances all over India. Mosquito Magnet is the leading biting insect trap with over 65% share in the consumer/residential market in the USA and is the only long-term solution that is scientifically proven to effectively reduce mosquitoes and other biting insects. Proved to be the only long-term solution to eliminate mosquitos from your home.

When it comes to mosquito-borne diseases, the world’s attention has been fixated on Zika for the past year. However diseases like malaria or dengue still threaten more people. In India, a country with a population of 1.2 billion, the government is struggling to tackle such issues.The capital, New Delhi, deals with outbreaks each year related to chikungunya followed by dengue. Mosquito magnet can help prevent such disesas which have proven to be fatal. Climate change, rapid urbanization, a growing population and lack of sanitary waste and water disposal are all factors that have allowed dengue and chikununya to thrive in all around India.The World Health Organisation (WHO) rates Dengue is the fastest growing disease in the world.

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