Rain makes boatyard look more feasible than airport in Greater Noida


Ashish Kedia

When a planned city such as Greater Noida, having large roads, adequate green belt and modern drainage system has to face severe water-logging issues, you can’t blame anyone but the callousness of concerned authorities towards their civic responsibilities.

Water logging in Sector Beta-1 (Pic courtesy : Rahul Numberdar)


Water logging in Sector Beta-1 (Pic courtesy : Rahul Numberdar)

Water logging complaints are pouring in from all sectors of Greater Noida. The issues have cropped up because of lack of planning to clean drain system before arrival of monsoon. Slit removal has also not been done from most sectors of the city, as is a municipal norm before arrival of rain.

Wtaer Logging in Greater Noida Village (Pic: Twitter)
Half emerged village of Kheda Mohammadabad, greater Noida

Residents are facing gross inconvenience due to these issues.


Danger of Electrocution :

As if water-logging wasn’t enough problem for Greater Noida residents, open power cables and boxes at multiple points in sectors also create a fear of electrocution. Amid rain, water logging and open electric circuits, it has become extremely dangerous for residents of different sectors to even walk out for daily necessities within their locality.

Open Power Cables (Pic courtesy : Harinder Bhati)




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