Students of JRE Greater Noida, Finally gets a sigh of relief!

Prerit Chauhan

Greater Noida : Students of JRE, Greater Noida who were caught in the crossfire of an ongoing tussle inside the management of JRE, finally gets a sigh of relief as they are being allocated to other colleges.


From past four to five months students of JRE Engineering college in greater noida were suffering from class dismissal due to dispute between owners, More than 150 students Career was at sake at one point. In last few months there were several measures taken to resolve the deadlock and restore the student welfare and future. In September the Dean of Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam Technical University (APJAKTU) met students and their parents in the college campus at Greater Noida, In a joint meeting with Secretary Technical Education to find a workable solution to fix the dark clouds hanging on the students Career.

On the basis of that meeting Vice-Chancellor Prof. Vinay Kumar Pathak of APJAKTU wrote a letter to the students of JRE, Greater Noida and Explained “I and our dean-UGSE had a meeting with you last week in college campus. Some parents also joined this meeting. After thread bear discussion and your request to transfer to other colleges as the only workable solution in this unprecedented situation, the request was being accepted keeping in mind the students‘ future. This was being decided to hold counseling for the students allocating them other colleges to resume their studies. Now the University has scheduled this counseling at University campus at Lucknow on 13 and 14 Nov. 2017“.
He Further Wrote, “It is brought to my notice that some people who have vested interest and nothing to do with students‘ welfare, now, are trying to mislead our students. Though, I have full faith in my students and am sure that my young and bright students are only focused for their career. It is to note that we have decided for the closure of JRE, Greater Noida College for all practical purposes. So, it is in our students’ interest to participate in this counseling process to resume their studies in the college of the choice. Failing to which, the student shall have NO claim as a student of the University and shall be responsible for the consequences. I believe that my appeal shall reach to all my students to cooperate with University to help you to come out this unfortunate circumstances and working for shaping your future”.


Now! That’s a very good news for the students of JRE, Greater Noida.

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