“Technology is the root cause of almost all serious crime”

Priti singh


The 21st century is the generation which has all the facilities of technology all its needs electronic gadgets like smartphones and laptops. Technology is made for good uses so that people can gather and get a better way to use gadgets and internet. But after having facilities of technology people generally misuses this power of technology especially for crimes such as documents fraud, online trading in illegal goods, sharing wrong information about any person or money laundering. Technology can be used by any types of individual and it’s does not have any age to use.

There is also some serious crime like hacking ups company computers and profile to leak information or block the computer process to destroy the company prestige. The technology uses crimes are very harsh and serious as it can go to any extent. Hackers can misuse any individuals profile, pictures, and information with the help of technology and also try to spoil the image of an individual by using slangs languages or sharing some personal pictures and their contact numbers which are known as cybercrime.

According to the study and research, the biggest worries to is the use of “ransomware” as it can block company individual`s computer until a fee is paid to unlock. Ransomware is major technology crime that can be conducted using new electronic and digital process to generate cash. Any hackers can easily block the company websites and its user’s id so any employee cannot use their profile.

Technology child crimes

Technology has also taken some life of children in vast number not only internationally but also in nationally as well. The website game like ‘BlueWhale’ shatter the life of many young children as these sides made young children to commit suicide. Through many websites, this particular game downloaded automatically and forced children to continue the game. From age 12 to 20 most of the young children had commit suicide in which most of children’s are from schools. From 2016 to 2017 Blue whale game has destroyed lots of life.

Technology uses as Threat calls, message or emails

Vast number of Youth generation have been victim these threat calls, message and emails crime. In addition, people leaked some personal unseen pictures and videos of someone that made uncomfortable to any person. Youth generations also use technology to give a threat to a person such as leakage of obscene videos. Technologies also have been for sharing wrong information and ideas that can divert or change the mental stage of an individual.

Be Aware of technology crimes

  • Do not share any information related to your bank accounts, not even your close friends.
  • Ignore pop-ups that’s happens in mid of internet while using any website.
  • Ignore fake calls in case of you get a call from your bank member so the first current the information from a bank then only response to the caller.
  • Keep updates about your bank’s accounts.
  • Always changes the password of your all the social media accounts like Facebook, google+, twitter.
  • Always remember your mobile model no and IMEI number that is International Mobile Equipment Identity as in case if you lost your mobile phone you can block your phone with the police report so that people cannot misuse your phone.
  • As child crime is also increasing so parents should always have a look over to their children phone.


There are no limits for using any technology as its helps every individual to gather and share better information and knowledge. But it`s not easy to use in a positive way as it has lots of negative impact on the youth generation. So, be aware while sharing any details about your personal information to anyone.

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