Tale of two Thana’s named wrong: Kasna in Greater Noida, Greater Noida in Kasna


Ashish Kedia

Two Police Stations of Greater Noida having opposite names as compared to their location has been confusing residents since very long.

This curious case of confusing nomenclature pertains to Kasna Police station and Greater Noida police station. For reason best known to the naming authority, Greater Noida Police station is in Kasna area whereas Kasna Police station is situated in one of Greater Noida city’s sector.

So effectively on land, most areas of Greater Noida city fall under jurisdiction of Kasna Police station whereas most regions of Kasna village are under Greater Noida Police station.

This shuffle of name often causes great inconvenience to residents and complainants.

NEA submits request to ADG (L&O) Anand Kumar:

On Friday ADG (Law & Order) Anand Kumar has come to Greater Noida to take part in one brainstorming session with Industrial fraternity. NEA President Vipin Malhan submitted a request letter for change of name of these police stations to end this confusion.

ADG (L&O) Anand Kumar said, “This is a genuine concern and I understand it sounds like an error. I am sure such genuine concern wouldn’t be pending from our department and we would have already done the needful. However I will yet get it checked and will issue necessary instruction for the corrective measure”.



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