Chief Minister of State of Maharashtra Mr. Devendra Fadnavis is expert in Criminal Conspiracy, Misleading , Fraud etc.

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1. Mr.Devendra is advocate & member of the bar council of Maharashtra
& Goa, member of the District Bar Association Nagpur, having portfolio
of Ministry of Law & Judiciary as well as Home Department. In short he
know the Law very well.

2. When Devendra had personal relationships with Shri. R.S.Gavai
(former Governor of State of Kerla,Bihar) , Devendra filed one
Criminal Application U/S 482 of Cr.P.C. no. 824/2014
before Shri. B.R.Gavai J. (son of late Shri R.S.Gavai, before the
death of Shri. R.S.Gavai) at Nagpur Bench of Bombay High Court.
Devendra got Charge sheet U/S 324 of I.P.C quashed without filing copy
of charge sheet on Court’s record. Devndra deliberately & knowingly
not disclosed his relations of with the family member of Shri.
B.R.Gavai J. Devendra also shown one Madanlal Parate as a co-accused
and co-applicant in the said criminal matter and also got affidavit
swear through in the hands and signature of said Madanlal Parate ( the
fake accused, who was never a co-accused in said Criminal case with
Devendra). Devendra through his G.P./college mate (Advocate in
Election Petition )Smt. Bharti Dangre and other A.G.P. also made
secret communication with the Judges including Shri. B.R.Gavai J for
decision of one application filed therein.

3. Devendra is having friendly/social/Advocate-Client relationship
with senior counsel Adv. K.H.Deshpande, Adv.Mohan Sudame, Adv.Akshay
Sudame. One Election Petition no. 1/2014 filed before the Nagpur bench
of Bombay High Court for challenging the election of Devendra on the
ground of non disclosure of criminal cases pending against him in the
Criminal Courts . The said Election Petition came to be allotted to
Shri. R.K.Deshpande , J (who is a son of Adv. K.H.Deshpande, father in
law of Adv. Akshay Sudame, father in law of son’s of Adv. Mohan Sudame
). Devendra Fadnavis knowingly not disclose the said relations before
the High Court and the opponent therein and filed the application for
rejection of plaint & got relief from the said judge of High Court.

4. It was a duty of Devendra Fadnavis to bring on the record of High
Court and in the knowledge of the opponent about his relations with
the family members of the above judges. Devendra not disclosed the
above facts and took disadvantage as a outcome of such relations and
committed Criminal Conspiracy, Misleading & Fraud on Court-
Institution of Justice, the opponent including Adv. Satish Uke, Nagpur
and Public at large by showing his image clean & clear.

Devendra is showing and posing his image clean and clear and committed
cheating with public at large.

5. The copies if attached documents with Hindi version of the above
facts are showing the factual position of nature and act of Mr.
Devendra Fadnavis and others involved therein.

Respected all of U

Adv. Satish Uke
Mob. No. 0- 9373103123

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