14-year-old who saved family from terrorist attack in Jammu honoured with ICCW Award

Shaihzad Abid

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New Delhi: On January 18, Indian Council of Child Welfare awarded National Bravery Award 2018 to Soumyadip Jana and 20 others for putting their life on risk to save life of others.

On 10 February 2018, the Sunjuwan Military Station was under a terrorist attack in the early morning by three heavily armed terrorists.

Soumyadip Jana was in the residential block with his family, hearing the commotion at the door, Jana without concerning for his own safety ensured that his mother and sister are out of harm by pushing them into a room and locking the door from inside.

Later, the terrorist entered the house by firing on the main door. Seeing the locked door the terrorist tried to break it open.

However,Soumyadip had barricaded the door with steel trunks and stood steadfastly against them.

Soumyadip who was standing guarding the door sustained multiple splinter injuries in his head and body which resulted in him being in a coma for more than three months.

The explosion and gunshots that Soumyadip bore alerted the forces who were able to subsequently nab the terrorists.

He has been operated multiple times,he is unable to move on his own as the left side of his body is still paralysed.

The brave boy cannot see properly due to left hemiparesis, severe right-sided hearing loss and neuro psychotic impairment.

Soumyadip Jana displayed exceptional courage showing no fear for his own safety and saved two precious lives.

He is still undergoing physiotherapy in Research & Referral Hospital, Delhi.

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