300 AAP members joins BJP today, gets ready for Delhi Lok Sabha Elections 2019

Vishal Malhotra/ Rahul Kumar Jha

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New Delhi : Hundreds of AAP supporters joined BJP today. Politician Jaibhan Singh Pawaiya welcomed these members with a warm speech.

BJP’s Udit Raj was also present at the uniting session. Welcoming Chaudhary Narayan who was previously associated with Aam Aadmi Party, Jaibhan Singh Pawaiya said,

“BJP is a party which keep its words. Joining of members from opposition is nothing new to this party. One who realise that BJP works for the betterment of society, joins in no time!
Last year thousands of opposition party members joined BJP after they felt how good their leaders were while carrying out any corrupt activity. We welcome Chaudhary Narayan with all of his friends and karyakartas in our party and promise to fix our space as a ruling party in the capital in coming elections.”

Addressing the session, Chaudhary Narayan said, “When I joined AAP, I was unaware of the fact that AAP just make fake promises and never work on the promise they make. After I realised that BJP is a party that works for the betterment of society and promotes development, I decided to join Modi Lehar.”

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