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5 Steps to Get in Action mode to build your Success Plan

Authored by: Coach Shweta (Pandey) - Personal Branding and Legacy coach

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The best way to get massive success in life is by winning over your laziness, your procrastination. Every winner has a formula in life. It’s your turn to find yours. Ask yourself these simple questions. What is that I want to achieve? How can I get it? What is stopping me? Do I need help? How long am I going to stay stuck? What will happen if & when I change my current state/situation?

These questions are going to put you in an active mode but now comes the main question. How do I start? Before you even seek advice or help, I highly recommend that you build your will, your grit, and your self-belief by following this simple yet realistic and achievable plan. Let’s design what can work for you before your massive change. Here’s a simple 6-part guide you can use to do that.

Step1 – Identify the First Thing that You Want to Change about Yourself.

Most likely you already know what that is. For example, you might pick something like “To Get enough sleep”. Always start with small and easy to achieve goals. That will give you the motivation to keep going ahead with your plan. Few other examples:

$ Write your daily tasks/to-do list.
$ Declutter your space
$ Read daily
$ Learn new skills
$ Practise Gratitude and Empathy

Step 2 – Identify what you’ll Replace It With

The most understated and misunderstood power is the power of Sleep. Inadequate sleep is probably your reason for fatigue and loss of focus. Replace it by sleeping early or taking a power nap during your travel or leisure time.

Few examples:

# Create a time-bound task sheet
# Clean. Not just Physical but clean your Digital space as well
# It could be a Book, an Article, or anything to stimulate you intellectually. By all means, Read every day.
# Upgrade your skills, learn what’s new in your trade, know your competition. Decide your position, Cheerleader or A Leader?
# Count your blessings and aim to contribute more.

Only if you are in a position of power, you can create a change in society. For things to change, You will have to Change.

Step 3 Create your VISION Have clarity of your Vision and write down every detail that you need to achieve it. That will be your mission statement. Now write every possible reason that can stop you from achieving that mission. Unless you have clarity of what you want and you will not reach anywhere and those unclear thoughts will only leave you in a confused state of mind. Make a vision board with your statement. Paste pictures to visualize how would it look like when you achieve it. Write affirmations around it to keep you motivated. Read it every day and visualize yourself being there.

Step 4 Track your Progress It can be as little as ticking in your journal as “Done” or “Pending” You must measure and evaluate your progress. Otherwise, you wouldn’t know how far you have come. For example, if you promised yourself to reach out to 3 new clients in one week, check results, and then set a new goal of reaching out to 5 next week.

Few tips to fuel your progress mapping: 1. What went well yesterday/week? 2. What didn’t go as planned? 3. What was my learning in it? 4. Did it bring joy and excitement? 5. What’s been my motivation? (Hashtag) #Whatnext

Step 5 Decode your Mind, Body & Emotions Now we come to our last but extremely important point which is not to fall into the trap of negative thinking and toxicity. For every step forward you may get a backlash or someone to demotivate you, but you must keep your Vision in mind and keep moving forward. Most of the time it will be your own fear, inhibitions, laziness, or self-doubt. Always remember if you stop now, you are denying yourself a chance of creating your own legacy. You are the creator of your own story, so write it well.

Coach Shweta (Pandey)

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