A Seaside Trip to Remember – Mumbai to Ratnagiri.

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Greater Noida (29/1/2019) : The Konkan coastal landscape is a stirring one. There are secluded beaches that are soaked in tranquillity. One can also visit forts on rocky shores and watch the waves endlessly crash on the foot of the bastions. It is a region soaked in history, and its natural riches are still being discovered to this day. Mumbai to Ratnagiri is a dramatic shift of terrain – where one leaves the packed metropolis and heads south along the western fringes of Maharashtra.

Attractions on the route

The route to Ratnagiri is around 345 km along the NH66. The first stretch of the route involves the mighty Western Ghats, and one of the most celebrated detours is Lonavala. This beloved hill retreat is worth a stop because of the stunning panoramic views and the distinctive local attractions like the namesake lake and the Kune Falls.

Back on the main route, one will come to Kolad – a town that is becoming a capital of white water rafting in the Western part of India. The winding road then leads to Poladpur, known for the imposing Pratapgadh Fort, around 15 km from the main town. Chiplun is the first major stop in Ratnagiri district. It is a very important centre for pilgrimage, and one of the main spiritual hubs here is the 300-year-old Parshuram temple. The Bhawani Waghjai Mandir attracts visitors because of its elegant architecture and well-manicured gardens.

Ratnagiri – Abode by the Sea

Ratnagiri is flanked by mountains on the east and the ocean on the west. The Anjarle Beach is a very scenic retreat here. The beaches of Ratnagiri are relatively untouched by the tourist hordes, and other serene spots include the Gulhagar Beach, with its white sands, and the Harnai Beach, which has a local fish market nearby.

Speaking of the local catch, Ratnagiri is a haven for seafood lovers as they can gorge into the best and most authentic Konkan cuisine. Apart from various fish curries, visitors can also sample the famous komdi vade – chicken and dumplings made of rice. An hour’s drive north from the main town is the Jaigad fort, which was an important marine defence point. From the summit of the fort, one can see the confluence of the Shastri river and the Arabian sea. Besides the spectacular views, the fort is a good place to explore for those interested in Ratnagiri’s history. The main ramparts still stand firm and other highlights include the Kanhoji Angre palace and an old Ganpati temple.

Choose a good rental

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Far from the crowds and accompanies just by the whistling sea breeze and the hypnotising sight of the sea, Ratnagiri is a perfect destination. Pack those bags and book a car now.


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