AI won’t take away Work or Purpose from our Lives, Altman CEO

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New Delhi (27/05/2023): On a global tour to seduce national leaders and powerbrokers, Sam Altman argued in Paris that AI would not, according to popular belief, eliminate entire sectors of the workforce through automation.

He said, “This idea that AI is going to progress to a point where humans don’t have any work to do or don’t have any purpose has never resonated with me.”

When asked about the media sector, where multiple outlets currently employ AI to generate stories, Altman suggested that ChatGPT can be compared to giving a journalist 100 assistants to help them study and come up with ideas.

ChatGPT rose to prominence late last year, exhibiting the ability to generate essays, poetry, and dialogues from the most minimal of stimuli.

Microsoft later committed billions of dollars to OpenAI and now incorporates the company’s technology into numerous of its products, igniting a race with Google, which has made a flurry of similar announcements.

Altman, a 38-year-old rising star in Silicon Valley, has been greeted warmly by leaders from Lagos to London.

Earlier this week, he appeared to have aggravated the European Union by implying that his company would leave the region if regulations were too stringent.

However, he told a group of journalists on the margins of the Paris event that the headlines were inaccurate and that he had no plans to leave the EU rather, OpenAI planned to open an office in Europe in the future.

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