Another Biker Killed on Delhi’s Signature Bridge: Victim’s Family Demands Proper Investigation

Vishal Malhotra

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New Delhi : Today, family members of Shankar who died in a road accident that happened recently on Delhi’s Signature Bridge, peacefully protested on the grounds of Jantar Mantar with an aim to re-open the file of the accident which according to police is an open and shut case. These family members who protested surveyed the bridge and found some of the faults that could be the reason to the accident.

The motorcyclist was killed on Delhi’s newly opened Signature Bridge on 24th of November, a day after two medical students on a bike were killed after ramming a divider and falling 30 feet. Two cousins on a bike were going from north Delhi’s Nangloi towards north-east Delhi when their motorcycle skidded on the bridge at 8:20 am, the police said.

Ghaziabad resident Shankar, 24, was riding and his 17-year-old cousin Deepak was siting behind him.

Shankar, who worked as a salesman, died while he was being taken to hospital, the police said. Deepak said the motorcycle skidded before hitting a road divider. He received knee injuries.

K. Johnny Varghese today spoke to Ten News about the mis-happening and he said,

“We have a doubt that there was a fault in the road due to which the accident occurred. We request the government today by this peaceful protest that an investigation should be conducted to find out the true fact. And appropriate interim relief and the rightful compensation to be provided to the family of Shankar that consists of an old mother, a 4 year old son and 2 sisters.”

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