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Applying for HSBC Credit Cards – A Complete Guide

HSBC Bank is one of the many foreign banks in India with Mumbai as its headquarters. The bank is essentially a subsidiary of the UK-based HSBC Holdings PLC. HSBC provides both banking and investment services to both corporates as well as individuals. And in addition to that, the bank also offers a host of different credit cards with varying levels of benefits and rewards. Want to know how to apply for a HSBC credit card? Continue reading to find out.  

How to Apply for HSBC Credit Cards? 

Thanks to Finserv MARKETS, applying for a HSBC credit card is extremely easy and hassle-free. The entire process can be completed online and takes just a few minutes. Here’s what you would have to do. 

  1. Firstly, visit the website of Finserv MARKETS by Bajaj Finserv

  2. Search for and go to the ‘Credit Card’ section of the website. 

  3. Look for the ‘Apply Now’ button and click it.  

  4. Here, you’ll be asked to fill in a few details like your mobile number, your date of birth, and your employment details, among other things. Once you’ve entered them in the application form, you may also be asked to attach a few documents like your address proof and identity proof. 

  5. Once you’ve done all of that, proceed to browse through the list of HSBC credit cards available on Finserv MARKETS. 

  6. Choose the HSBC credit card that you would like to apply for based on your needs and requirements.

  7. Submit your application form online.  

  8. That’s it. You’ve successfully applied for an HSBC credit card.

How to Pay a HSBC Credit Card Bill?

Whether you already have a HSBC credit card or have recently got one, it is crucial to know just how to make your credit card bill payments. If you’re not exactly sure how to do that, there are multiple ways to make HSBC credit card payment online. And if you prefer to do it offline, there are ways for that too. Let’s take a quick look at a few of the ways through which you can make your credit card bill payments. 

  1. Through Internet Banking

You could log in to your internet banking portal using the user credentials given to you to make your HSBC credit card bill payment.  

  1. Through Mobile Banking

Alternatively, you can also make your credit card bill payment via the HSBC Mobile Banking app on your smartphone

  1. Through NEFT 

If your bank account is with a bank other than HSBC, you can choose to pay your credit card bill via NEFT. All that you have to do is enter your 16 digit card number under the ‘Account Number’ field and use the IFSC – HSBC0400002. 

  1. Through a Standing Instruction 

If your bank account is also with HSBC, you could simply set up a standing instruction to auto debit your account on the credit card bill payment due date.  

  1. Through ECS

If your bank account is with a bank other than HSBC, you can still choose to auto debit your account to pay your credit card bill via the Electronic Clearing System (ECS). 

  1. Through Phone Banking

If you prefer paying your credit card bill through the offline method, you could simply call HSBC phone banking to make the payment over the phone. 

  1. Through Cheque or Draft

You can also mail a cheque or a draft to the nearest HSBC branch to make your credit card bill payment. 

  1. Through the Bank Counter 

Or, you can visit the nearest HSBC bank branch and make your credit card bill payment via cash or cheque. 

How to contact HSBC Credit Card Customer Care?

To get in touch with the HSBC credit card customer care, all that you have to do is call 1800 267 3456 or 1800 121 2208, if you’re calling from within India. 

On the other hand, if you’re calling from overseas, you could reach HSBC credit card customer care on +91-40-61268002 or +91-80-71898002



HSBC credit cards offer a host of different benefits to its customers. Right from cashback on spends to reward points accumulation, you get to enjoy plenty of rewards for simply using your credit card. So, what’re you waiting for? Apply for one right away and make your life simpler.


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