“Baap Manus will break fresh narrative ground in Marathi cinema,” says Anand Pandit

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New Delhi (07/09/2023): Producer Anand Pandit is in a celebratory mood because his Marathi production ‘Baap Manus’, hit the theatres on September 1 and is gathering accolades for its soulful narration of the joys and challenges faced by a single father. Pandit says, “I have always maintained that ‘Baap Manus’ would break fresh narrative ground in Marathi cinema and it has. Pushkar Jog is a very versatile actor but he has never been seen in a role like this. It is his emotional gravitas as a single father to a daughter that is giving this film such tenderness, nuance and emotional richness.”

Co-produced by Pushkar Jog, the film also stars Anusha Dandekar, child actor Keya Ingle and is directed by Yogesh Phulphagar. Pandit believes ‘Baap Manus’ will strike a chord with all families and says, “As a parent, I instantly fell in love with the script and the way it etched the father and daughter bond. And to see the story unfold now on the big screen has been overwhelming. From the early reports, it is clear that every parent and child is connecting deeply with the emotions portrayed by Pushkar and Keya.”

Pandit believes that regional cinema is on an ascent because of its commitment to emotional authenticity and says, “Films like ‘Baap Manus’ are clicking at the box-office because they are meant for the entire family, have slick production values, good direction and powerhouse performances. They raise the bar for entertainers and explore human-relationships with sensitivity and insight. I have always believed in the power of cinema to touch hearts and tell stories that resonate across generations and ‘Baap Manus’ perfectly exemplifies this.”

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