Bajaj Allianz Life Releases first ever Life Goals Preparedness Survey, decodes India’s life goals!


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New Delhi: (24/06/2019) Leading private life insurer, Bajaj Allianz Life, today, unveiled India’s first ever comprehensive study on the country’s life goals. India’s Life Goals Preparedness Survey 2019 is the company’s first flagship survey to release the life goals, and aspirations of India, and how Indians are preparing to get them done.


In the Bajaj Allianz Life India’s Life Goals Preparedness Survey 2019 over 150 life goals were mapped. What stands out in these goals is how seriously Indians are considering unconventional life goals. Some of the new-age life goals that emerged include entrepreneurship, focus on health & fitness, travel, life enrichment to strengthen or re-establish the connection with ‘self’, amongst others.

Speaking at the unveiling of the Bajaj Allianz Life India’s Life Goals Preparedness Survey 2019, Tarun Chugh, MD & CEO, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance, said, “Having embarked on the journey to become life goal enablers, the scientific and in-depth findings will play an essential role in our business strategy. The insights from the first of its kind survey clearly indicate how life goals are evolving, and millennials are opting for unconventional life goals. Furthermore, it’s interesting to note, women driving some of these new-age life goals like travel, health and fitness.”

While speaking to Ten News, Chandramohan Mehra, Chief Marketing Officer, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance said,
“The survey highlights an increasing prominence towards “me” life goals while “we” life goals remain intact. So we are seeing child education being the priority, however, life goals related to entrepreneurship, travel, fitness and health are becoming significant for Indians, across socio-economic and geography profiles. Interestingly, social media, movies, news and celebrities are influencing the new age or “me” life goals, and the impact of movies is 50% higher on millennials.”

 Here are the some key findings of the Report at a glance:

Women have significantly higher inclination towards travel, health and fitness compared to their male counterparts

 34% women have travel goals as against 27% of male respondents. 1 in 3 women have travel-related life goals

 2 out of 5 women are prioritising health and fitness as a life goal

1 out of every 2 women are looking to live a well-balanced life

  50% said life goals decision making is inspired by friends/family

 33% said elders influence their life goals choices

 22% by real life mentors

19% by father figures / gurus etc.


Amongst the unconventional life goals like travel and lifestyle goals, social media and pop culture are fuelling these goals

 Nearly 1 in 5 life goals are inspired by social media sites

19% are inspired by a book they have read

18% are influenced by social media

13% by a movie and news that they may have watched

 Travel goals are typically inspired by books, social media, movies

  News sites influence decision making towards old age

Movies typically influence the car purchasing or upgrading decisions

The influence of social media on life goals is around 20% higher for millennials than non-millennials

Similarly, the influence of movies is 50% higher for millennials than non-millennials.


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