The Brotherhood” exemplifies its name, promotes cultural harmony, details GB Nagar’s illustrious history


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(24/04/2017) Greater Noida: Preview of documentary titled, “The Brotherhood” was organized at Birla Institute of Management Technology on afternoon of 24th April. The film is directed by Greater Noida’s renowned senior journalist Pankaj Parashar. Mr. Parashar has also been making short films on various social issues and ‘The Brotherhood’ is another of his attempt to promote cultural harmony in the region.

This 22 minute long documentary begins with indication towards 2015’s much talked Dadri lynching and moves on to prove how this individual event doesn’t really portrays reality of the region. History of Gurjar tribe to formation of Bhati Muslims, the documentary enlightens the viewers with multiple facades of this western UP region.

“No Muslim family left Bhatner to go to Pakistan because the elders convinced them of peaceful co-existence”, says a person while narration moves through fateful days of partition.

For present day perspective it has an appearance and message by Jewar MLA Thakur Dhirendra Singh. He claims that around 10-12k Muslim’s have voted for him even when he was a BJP candidate and this speaks volume about Bhati Hindu and Bhati Muslim unity. Byte of voters from the region also represents an amazing outlook of this inclusive society.

GB Nagar DM Narendra Prasad Singh also delivers a message in the documentary.

Much like the documentary its preview also witnessed a beautiful mix of audience from different strata’s of society. DM NP Singh, Jewar MLA Dhirendra Singh, Dadri MLA Tejpal Nagar, BIMTECH director HC Chaturvedi, director Pankaj Parashar and Vivekanand Tripathi, editor, Hindustan were some of the eminent people present at the screening.

India’s Inclusive culture is the foundation of modern days inclusive development said N P Singh, DM, G B Nagar at the occasion.
He further added that this documentary becomes more relevant in today’s time and I am sure we will not only speak of unity but would also reflect it in our personalities.

Talking about the movie Dadri MLA Tejpal Nagar said, “I want to congratulate whole team of Pankaj Parashar for making such beautiful documentary on cultural unity. One sad incident has tried to malign the image of our region but the ground facts are very different. Everyone should understand and propagate the examples that have been shown in this documentary. India is a secular country and we all should help in maintaining the harmony of the country”.

“Nafraton Ka Dekhe Asar ki Gaae Hindu Ho gayi Aur Bakra Musalmaan Ho Gaya”
(Hatred has even turned cow into Hindu and made Goat a Muslim)

The above couplet was recited by Thakur Dhirendra Singh, MLA, Jewar who further said, “Hindu’s and Muslim’s are two arms of this country and both together can only develop this nation. This is a country where Mahatma Gautam Buddha first talked of peace and later Gandhi also propagated this philosophy. I want to congratulate Parashar ji and his team for delivering such beautiful message through this documentary”.

Prof H C Chaturvedi said “I can see people have come here from far off places to see this 22 minute documentary. This film has been previewed here because we are always trying to connect with problems and issues of G B Nagar district and it is our attempt to promote the culture of this region.
Constitution committee had 85% Hindus and they could have made India a Hindu country but B R Ambedkar led team still made it a secular country because this is what our culture of harmony is all about”.

The people who have made appearance in the documentary were also present at the preview.


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