If CBI will not challenge High Court verdict then i will says Hemraj’s lawyer.

Saurabh Kumar


14/10/2017  (Noida)

More than nine years after the sensational double murder case of Aarushi-Hemraj in Jalvayu Vihar, Noida, the case is again back in limelight. In 2013 Ghaziabad CBI Court has convicted the Talwar couple and sentenced them to life imprisonment. However now Allahabad High court in its verdict has overruled CBI Trial Court decision. The court said that CBI has failed to prove them guilty. As per the procedure of receiving order copy at Dasna jail, the dentist couple is expected to be released on 16th November.
Now after this verdict Naresh Yadav lawyer of Hemraj said that if CBI will not appeal against the verdict of High Court then it will be done from Hemraj side. He said in this case there is enough evidence to charge the Talwar couple however honourable High Court of Allahabad has overturend the trial court order by giving the benefit of doubt. He said that this case is not so diluted but efforts are being made to create confusion.
He also said that CBI should definitely challenge this verdict in Supreme Court. If the Court wants then authorities can re investigate the case but justice should be done. Two people have been murdered in a house and culprit can’t be traced this not a very fine precedent for CBI, police and all of citizens.


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