Citizen body protests at Jantar Mantar against NRC in Assam

Abhishek Sharma/Vishal Malhotra

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New Delhi (17/08/2019) : Today heavily numbered Sachetan Nagarik Mancha, Axom members gathered at Jantar Mantar. This organization is actively working for the issues involving NRC updation in Assam since 2015.

Their endeavor is to ensure that no indigenous people of Assam are excluded from the NRC and no foreigner is being included to the same. 6000 odd members of the organisation is working towards an error free NRC in entire Assam and also helping different agencies to maintain law and order situation. As there were reports of large scale anomalies in the updation process, the organization even filed an application before the Supreme Court for 10 % re-verification draft NRC as observed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court itself by an order dated 28.08.2018.

However, based on the report filed by the state coordinator to the effect that re-verification is being done to the extent of 27% during the claims and objections phase, the said application was dismissed.

Today, they released an NOC which was sent as a memorandum to the Home Minister Amit Shah, to interfere as entire process of NRC updation is based on vulnerable mechanism of legacy data. Their humble request is just to save the people of Assam from an obvious disaster bound to happen if the NRC final list is announced as scheduled by Supreme Court on 31′ August 2019 without investigating the criminality involved into the process of misuse/ trading of legacy data in large scale with active co-operation from the State Co-coordinator Prateek Hajela.

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