COAI Urges Corporate Entities to Comply with DoT Guidelines while Seeking Bulk Connections for their Employees

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New Delhi, September 06th 2021: Department of Telecommunication, GOI has announced various guidelines to expedite the process and instructions to be followed for the issuance of new mobile connections in case of bulk mobile connections category. This requirement is reiterated by the government from time to time.

As per the guidelines, the organizations who wish to purchase mobile connections in bulk for their employees need to follow a certain process. The entity needs to have an authorized person as their Authorized Signatory for buying connections on behalf of the company. He/ She needs to provide the TSPs with documents such as , authorization letter in the name of Authorized Signatory, document to establish the identity and address of entity/ company, along with the PoI document of the Authorized Signatory. There is no need to provide Identity and address documents of individual users of the mobile connections, however, the end user list of the employees who would be using these mobile connections within the company is to be provided by them. This end user list comprises of the following entries with effect from 1st Feb 2021:

  1. User Name
  2. User Designation
  3. Proof of Identity Document Type and Number
  4. Proof of Address Type and Number
  5. Address of the User

Commenting on these requirements, DG COAI, Lt. Gen Dr. SP Kochhar said, “The telecom industry has to comply with the Government orders so as to ensure that details of the users are available even in the case of bulk customers from corporate clients. We urge the corporates to cooperate with our member TSPs in providing details as per the user list provided by DoT. This will ensure that the statutory requirements are met from both the ends – the TSPs as well as the corporates.”

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