Delhi Police Commissioner launches NIPUN, to enhance awareness among citizens about safety measures

New Delhi: Delhi Police initiated an e-learning programme for all of the civilians in order to get them familiar with important safety measures.

The major part of this programme will be the students from schools and colleges which would be the target audience as part of encouraging awareness in youngsters.

Delhi Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik, on Wednesday inaugurated the e-learning programme named “NIPUN” in the presence of number of senior police officials from Delhi.

NIPUN aims to provide online training on various aspects of investigation, law, self development & management. It also helps in online self-assessment & provides easy access to resources required by an officer during the course of duty.

One can create his/her account using PIS number and mobile number registered with Delhi Police. The process is easy to follow. You are just needed to open the portal & follow the instructions. And once registered, you can access resources, courses, tests, chat rooms & discussion forums.

While speaking at the inauguration Commissioner Amulya Patnaik said, “Our country always needed such platform where people, without getting indulged in any Police addmission processes can learn many of the safety measures that one should always be familiar with. As it is said, “Better late than never”, Police department is now set to make people learn many of the measures related to investigation, law, self development & management.”

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