Delhi Public Reacts to Congress Manifesto for Lok Sabha Elections 2019

Talib Khan / Rahul Kumar Jha

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New Delhi, (3/3/2019): : The Indian National Congress party yesterday released its manifesto for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections which will start from April 11.

The Congress has proposed Nyay scheme that would help the economy.
They will transfer Rs 72000 per annum in 20% of poorest of the country. They also promised that this scheme will eliminate poverty by 2030.

They also promised to fill the 22 lakh vacancies by March 2020.

Entrepreneurs will not have to seek any permission for first three years for their businessess.

There should be a separate budget for farmers like the one which used to be done for the Railways.”

The Congress has also promised to allocate six per cent of budget for education sector.

Ten News asked the people of Delhi about what they think of the Congress’ manifesto, to which they replied, “that the manifesto is sounding very good, the NYAY scheme if implemented properly will help the poor”.

Many of them said, “that the 6% budget for the education sector will definitely help in increasing the employment as well as the condition of the illiterate, if more educational institutions will increase it will increase the opportunity for the youths and will provide them with the basic right that we have”.

While some of them said, “that the history of Indian politics itself reflects that these political parties are only active when the elections come. They will only make promises, even the current govt promised to give 15 lakhs but we all know who got those money. These manifestos are nothing if they are not implemented as drafted at the time of elections”.

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