Delighted with the response to my song ‘Laung Gawacha’: Punjabi Singer Ravneet Singh

Vishal Malhotra/ Rahul Kumar Jha

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New Delhi : Ravneet Singh, one of Punjab’s most popular performer and a gifted artist today, was present in Delhi for the promotional event of his latest remake “Laung Gawacha”.

Well calling it a remake won’t do justice to the track after all it’s a reply to the original by Musarrat Nazir released in the year 1993. The track which kicks off 2019, is a revert to the 1993 melody which is one of the most prestigious and loved track.

When the industry was busy giving repeated trending tracks, Ravneet wanted to experiment with the older melodies. When nothing worked out, it was Marshall Ramdev, Founder & Director of Bull18 Network, who guided him through it. It was over an evening together with friends when he dummy ran the beats of the track to come out with a reply to the old track. Many music directors gave a shot but it was only Vee Music who could bring back the magic with his composition. Finally the music and back score for the track was given and the music video was into making, shared Ravneet speaking to Ten News.

Mansha Bahl, who is featured in this song ‘Laung Gawacha’ also had a word with Ten News and she shared her experience being the part of Laung Gawacha and also revealed her upcoming appearances in various projects.

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