Dr. Prabhat Kumar gears up to revive education in government schools of Uttar Pradesh

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Saurabh Kumar


Teachers of the primary school have to be well dressed while taking classes as per the new guidelines issued by Dr Prabhat Kumar, Chief Secretary Primary Education. Teachers have to come in formal look by wearing pant shirt and shoes and also have to shave on daily basis.

Dr Prabhat said that the students are greatly impacted by their teachers and there conduct has great effect on their lives so teachers have to make themselves presentable.

Interacting with media in Gautam Budha University yesterday he shared that government is bringing some much required and important transformation for upgrading the level of primary education. Government wants to deliver same kind of quality education in government schools as it is delivered in private establishments and for this we are taking adequate steps and changes can be seen sooner.

Our focus is on to ensure proper attendance of teacher in the campus. Many time we receive complaint that teachers leave school after making attendances and in some of the cases they pay staffs for making proxy attendance. So to restrict such kind of irregularities we are now planning to install punching machines and strict action or may be a FIR will be registered against such teachers. Mid day meal vans going to the school for food delivery will now also be equipped with punching machine.

We will be balancing the equation of student –teacher ratio as it has been seen that urban area schools have less numbers of students as compared to rural areas but the teacher ratio is just opposite. So we will be deploying more teachers to rural areas. Further he said that “we had received complaints regarding irregularities done while taking maternity leaves and emergency leaves and such matter are under investigation and defaulters will be behind the bars.

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