Draft notification issued to supersede the All India tourist vehicle (Authorisation or Permit) Rules, 2021

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New Delhi (15/11/2022): The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has issued a draft notification G.S.R 815(E) on 11 November 2022 to supersede the All India Tourist Vehicle (Authorisation or Permit) Rules, 2021.

The rules notified in 2021 provided a significant boost to the tourism sector in India by streamlining and simplifying the permit regime for tourist vehicles.

Now, with the proposed All India Tourist Vehicles (Permit) Rules, 2022, the tourist permit regime is proposed to be further streamlined and strengthened.

The key features of the proposed rules are as follows:

1.To simplify the procedure for All India Permit applicants and to reduce compliance burden, the provision of authorization and All India Tourist Permit has been made independent of each other.

2.More categories of tourist vehicles, with lesser permit fees for lesser capacity vehicles (less than ten) have been proposed. This is expected to provide considerable financial relief to smaller tourist operators having smaller vehicles with lower seating capacity as they will now be required to pay lower fees commensurate with the seating capacity of their vehicle(s).

3.To promote deployment of electric vehicles in large numbers a streamlined regulatory ecosystem at no cost to the operator(s) has been proposed.

Comments and suggestions are invited from all stakeholders within a period of thirty days.

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