Eight Major Suggestive Reforms To Make Noida A Better City – Problems & Solutions

Citizen Journalist Rajiv Goyal uses his years of experience to formulate suggestive solutions for some of City's major problems.

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By Rajiv Goyal

NOIDA AUTHORITY needs to engage with people on ground to implement fruitful policy changes. CEO being tough administrator and honest one, interactions by him at policy level would be better to resolve issues of present times or the ones that may pop up in future:

  • Parking

My suggestion to formulate parking policy on public road even in front of houses during night should be chargeable by NA @ Rs 500/- per car per month. This amount need to be deposited in escrow account meant to construct multilevel parking in city & road. Anyone who parks their vehicle without permission need to be booked and should be made to pay Rs 2000/ as fine.

  • Garbage

Just like electricity, gas & telephone, recognition of garbage to be considered as a Utility. Every dwelling unit need to be charged a fixed sum. Licenses must be issued in entire city to collect garbage & amount from dwelling unit. Anyone who does not pay charges, need to be penalised which may be recovered by cancelling plot / dwelling unit

  • Water Harvesting

Water harvesting must be checked in each house and industry. Time must be given to implement it. 6 months are well and sufficient. After this Rs 5000/- per dwelling unit per month should be charged by NA

Citizen Journalist : Rajiv Goyal
  • Taxi & public transport

Battery run vehicles should be promoted in city for connecting metro station to sectors.

Also, taxi stands need to be made to promote taxi service in city to reduce dependence upon private vehicles

  • Education

Noida to be made centre for education. Policy should allow increasing FAR of all schools to increase intake of students. With new flats, school capacity is needed to be increased at least by 3 times.

Students of government middle schools have very limited seats in Government inter college in Noida. Special focus must be given to construct 100 class rooms in inter colleges to enable all such students to get a seat there. Noida must also open 4-5 government degree colleges for residents of Noida.

  • Reduction of circle rates

Property market of Gurgaon is booming again with reduction of circle rate. Similar exercise need to be done at Noida also.

  • Mixed land use

NA must allow mixed land use in residential area for grocery shops, B&B facility like Oyo rooms & Air BnB

  • Electricity

When NA has to provide all infrastructure to PVVNL which is otherwise responsibility of PvVNL, why NA should not make another DISCOM for Noida city so that tariff is reduced by at least Rs 2/- per unit.

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