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Exchange4media Group’s Chairman Dr. Anurag Batra shares success mantra -3H’s and 3C’s

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New Delhi (30/06/2022): On June 29, 2022, at Pitch CMO Summit 2022, Dr. Anurag Batra, the Chairman and Editor in Chief for Exchange4media Group and BW Businessworld gave the welcome address to the audience.

Dr. Batra talked to the audience about the changes in one’s lives and the changes in the marketing industry post-Covid-19 pandemic. He listed the changes that the pandemic left on one’s life – He said, “First, we don’t take anything for granted. We don’t take life for granted, we don’t take relationships for granted, we don’t take our health for granted, and I hope it is like that.”

He went on to say, “Second, ‘never say never’. Before the pandemic, we said this is not possible, ‘how can we run a company with 300 people operating virtually?’ It may not be the best for some industries but it is possible.”

He added, “Third, the ‘why’ is very important. The purpose is very important. ‘Why we are doing what we are doing?’ in whatever sphere of our life.”

He concluded by saying, “And last but not the least, ‘sustainability’. We are always trying to make sure that we are environmentally friendly. But what do we do in our personal lives, at our home, how do we treat waste, and how much we consume, has also become important to us, Sustainability has become a deep part of what we do.”

Further, Dr. Batra talked to the marketers about embracing the 3 Hs in one’s life – Hard work, “it is very important to have focus with hard work.”


Humility, “as a marketer, your biggest job is to spot ideas. Ideas come to you when you are humble and when you listen to others. When you believe that you don’t have answers to everything. There are people who may know better than you. So, the mind is like a parachute. It only works when it is open. So, be humble.”

Hope, “If we believe that tomorrow can be better than today, then we give it our best.”

Dr. Batra also mentioned 3 Cs one must run away from in one’s life – Complain, “We complain too much. The fact that we are alive and we are in this room, our families are safe. We are very blessed. We don’t have to complain about anything”.

Criticize, “We criticize people. I think if we criticize ourselves that much, we would be better. Focus on oneself. Don’t compare, don’t criticize.”

Compare, “We compare because we are humans, zero comparing is not possible but we can minimize.”

Dr. Batra also talked about the new truths in the marketing industry and explained them to the marketers present at the Summit.

“Marketing is becoming more and more art-driven. It is driven by intuition, intent, and intensity. I hope as marketers and business leaders you create growth with a purpose lead way,” Dr. Batra thus concluded his address by inspiring the audience. He wished the marketers all the best in their future endeavors.

PITCH CMO SUMMIT by exchange4india Group | Photo Highlights

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