Farmer Loan Waiver Re-Introduced by Government, Applications Resumed Online

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Saurabh Kumar


Farmers deprived of benefits under crop loan scheme can once again submit their objections to the departmental portal. The government has reopened the departmental portal from June 1 to June 15. Farmers can submit their objections to the portal and present their claim for debt waiver.

It is notable that till April 15, the Agriculture Department had taken objection of farmers on the instructions of the government. Nearly five thousand farmers filed their objection on the departmental portal. The district administration has considered 2285 farmers as eligible and demanded Rs. 2051 crore from the demand rule.

The government had given the district administration a target to waive the crop loan of 24 thousand 840 farmers. In comparison to the target, only nine thousand 123 farmers have got the benefit. Whereas 15 thousand 717 farmers were deprived of benefits. After clearing the way for 2285 farmers to get crop loan, 13432 farmers are still deprived of benefits. Some farmers complained that even though they were eligible, the scheme did not get the benefit.

In such a situation, the government once again gave opportunity to the farmers to apply. The regime has once again opened the departmental portal. Farmers deprived of benefits from June 1 to June 15 can register their objection.

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