A live narration of Hungarian fabulist – Laura Nagy’s folktales – by a performing and voice-over artist

The Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre organized a story-telling session by a performing and voice-over artist, Daniel Hall at its premises, followed by the Hungary’s participation with the artist at Kathakar – International Storytellers Festival, in cooperation with IGNCA.

​​​Apart from other CSR activities, Hungarian Centre is actively involved in Knowledge-creation and youth awareness programmes for the children, one such programme is Open Day for schools, moderated by Mrs. Johanna Balchandani, Senior Cultural Officer of Hungarian Centre. The artist  narrated the story for students of 9th standard from Mount Carmel School, after which he narrate the story for the school students at the Kathakar festival. The evening narration was followed by a one-more request by the audience.

He brought the following stories by Laura Nagy, in his kitty

“The shivering little sun, The one-eyed lad and the ugly little princess, The prince and the devil, Love- A recycling tale.” The one-more request was fulfilled by the story “Two bottles of Shover-gel”.

“He created such an atmosphere, I felt, as if I was watching a cartoon film”, said an enthusiast lady from the audience. The teacher from the Mount Carmel School said, “I’ve never heard someone telling a story like this, before”.

There will be many other narrations at the Kathakar festival by the artist.

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