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Fuel prices continue to break records, petrol at 108.29 in Delhi

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Petrol and diesel prices increased for the second consecutive day to touch an all-time high across the country.

With a hike of 35 paise a litre, the price of petrol in Delhi rose to its highest-ever level of Rs 108.29 a litre. The price of diesel also saw a hike by 35 paise and took the fuel’s rate to Rs 97.02 per litre in the national capital.

Mumbai also reported a surge in fuel prices as compared to yesterday. The petrol in retail cost stands at Rs 114.14 per litre whereas diesel costs Rs 105.12 per litre today in Mumbai.

As for Kolkata, the price of petrol is Rs 108.78 per litre, while diesel is Rs 100.14 per litre. In Chennai, petrol and diesel cost Rs 105.13 and Rs 101.25 per litre respectively.

Petrol and diesel prices differ from state to state depending on the incidence of value-added tax.

Meanwhile, the Central government is in talks with several oil-exporting countries on the issue of supply and demand of oils but there is no possibility of immediate relief in prices.

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