Future of electric vehicles discussed at the 5th EV Expo!

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New Delhi: On Friday in Nation’s Capital, 5th electric vehicle expo was inaugurated at Pragati madain. The motive behind the Expo is to  promote use of electric vehicles as these vehicles are the substitute of petrol vehicles.

 The inauguration of the Expo was done by union minister Nitin Gadkari. The program started with the traditional light lamping ceremony and then the minister was welcomed by presenting a bouquet as a token of love and gratitude.

During his interaction with the visitors Gadkari said, “This field of electric vehicles has a vast opportunity as it is eco friendly and also cost effective as compared to petrol vehicles. Talking about E-rickshaw he advised the manufactures to focus of the quality of the product and not to bother about cost.  If the products don’t have quality it will defame the whole project and a question mark will rise on the credibility of the technology”.
About the future plans of the government regarding the electric vehicles  Gadkari Further added, ” Government is working for to setup a infrastructure  like charging stations. He said if there is any need of amendment in the law then it will also be done . We are also planning for a electric corridor between Delhi to Mumbai  and also working on number of projects which will create around 2 core new jobs. He also asked various company head who were present on the dice to join the government project if they are egger  to with government”.

 Expo also made public its two new  electric vehicles and a scooter designed especially for the specially abled people and comfort an E-rikshaw  with new setting style and also equipped with GPS .

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