Galgotias University and Samsung India Electronics Pvt Ltd Launch Pioneering Upskilling Programme


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Noida, June 10, 2024 – In a pioneering move, Galgotias University and Samsung India Electronics Pvt Ltd have entered into a strategic partnership to launch an innovative upskilling programme. This initiative marks the first of its kind in India, aiming to enhance the skills of the workforce through a unique collaboration between academia and industry. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed today in the presence of key representatives from both organizations.

The MoU was signed by Dr. Dhruv Galgotia, CEO of Galgotias University, and Mr. Ieesoo Kim, Managing Director of Samsung India. Senior officers from HR Department and HODs from various departments from Samsung India and Dr.K. Mallikharjuna Babu- Vice Chansellor along with Dean and other members of Academics from Galgotias University were also present to witness this landmark event.
Statements from the Leadership:

Dr. Dhruv Galgotia expressed his enthusiasm about the new partnership, stating, “We are extremely excited about our collaboration with Samsung India. This partnership is not just a benchmark for us but also for the entire educational and industrial landscape in India. Our joint vision emphasizes the critical importance of investing in our most valuable asset – our workforce. Together, we can drive innovation, enhance education, and contribute to societal progress.”

Echoing his sentiments, Mr. Ieesoo Kim of Samsung India said, “Samsung India is proud to partner with Galgotias University to launch this unprecedented upskilling programme. In a world where technological advancements and market dynamics are constantly evolving, continuous learning and skill enhancement are imperative. This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to creating a knowledgeable and skilled workforce that can navigate and lead in this ever-changing environment.”

This MoU signifies more than just a partnership; it represents a strategic alliance designed to leverage the strengths of both entities. The programme aims to bridge the gap between academia and industry, fostering an environment where innovation and practical knowledge go hand in hand. With rapid technological advancements, there is an ever-present need for continuous learning and skill enhancement. This initiative is designed to equip the workforce with the necessary skills to stay ahead of the curve.

Dr. Galgotia highlighted, “At Galgotias University, we are committed to excellence in education, research, and industry collaboration. We believe that our shared vision with Samsung can lead to groundbreaking advancements and innovative solutions. This partnership is poised to be a catalyst for extraordinary achievements, advancing knowledge, innovation, and societal well-being.”
Kim added, “This upskilling programme is a forward-thinking initiative that aligns with Samsung’s goal of fostering a culture of continuous improvement and learning.”

Both Galgotias University and Samsung India are committed to advancing knowledge, fostering innovation, and enhancing societal well-being. This partnership is expected to catalyzeextraordinary achievements and set a new standard for industry-academia collaborations in India.

Since its establishment in 2011, Galgotias University has grown into a leading academic institution, renowned for its rigorous academic programs, cutting-edge research, and commitment to societal impact. The university boasts NAAC A+ , NIRF and NBA accreditation and is ranked among the top 50 universities in India. It has received the QS I-GAUGE’s highest Platinum rating for Hospitality Management, Pharmacy, and Agricultural Sciences, and is recognized by the Indian Patent Office as one of the top three academic institutions in India for patent filings.

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