German Chancellor Olaf relaxes visa norms, allows Indian techies entry without job offer

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New Delhi (27/02/2023): The German Chancellor Olaf Scholz concluded his two day visit in India after discussing major immigration policies, defence strategies as well as discussing the Russia-Ukraine war.

The German Chancellor expressed his concern on the labour shortage in Europe’s largest economy. Germany is an attraction for workers especially in the technology sector. Hence he asked techies to look into Germany for more work opportunities.

The Chancellor also said that he would ease Visa policies for Indians and their families. They can now apply for a German Visa even if they don’t receive a concrete offer letter from a software or IT company. This policy mirrors to that of other countries that offer similar benefits like Canada.

In these talks the two nations also discussed to strengthen Marine defence collaboration . Germany will aid India in building Six submarines that would modernise India’s Maritime forces.

Further Sholz said that he would personally raise efforts to advance talks between the EU and India for a trade and investment agreement. Germany will also be hosting the next G20 summit in September and discussed the ongoing Russia – Ukraine war with the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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